Apollo 11: 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago, three astronauts launched to the moon. But before humans ever set foot on the lunar surface, a series of robotic spacecraft paved the way. Scroll through to see the missions that came before Apollo 11.

Tastes of Summer

From barbecues and potato salad to rosé and crawfish boils, professional chefs, authors, food critics and essayists share their favorite summer foods and drinks.

Election Confessions: 2020

Tell us what you really think about the 2020 election. What are your thoughts on the presidential candidates? How do you feel about the race itself so far? About the state of the country? Share your anonymous confession with NBC News.

How Safe Are Your Eggs?

More women than ever are now freezing their eggs. For some, it's about the state of their health; for others it's the state of their ... youth. A year after two storage tank failures horrified thousands of women and fertility doctors, NBC News examines: Who's on the hook when freezers go bad? Has technology changed since the failures? And, are women rethinking their plans in the light of the risks and costs?

Flu Frenzy

A century after the so-called "Spanish flu" pandemic, this season has been one of the worst in a decade. With all the lifesaving vaccines and medicines, why is the flu such a big killer?

Airplane Mode

Elbow-to-elbow seating, oversized comfort pets, midcabin standoffs — and passengers armed with their smartphones. A new era in air travel has some Americans tweeting mad.